Theme Documentation


This is a quick documentation for setting up and custumizing the theme.


  1. First, check out this link for available hosting an installation methods

  2. In your Ghost folder, go to content > themes, and upload 'interstellar' folder in this location.

  3. Go to your ghost settings ( and you will find 'interstellar' added under 'themes'.


  1. In the ghost settings,In the 'General' tab fill in your blog title, description, etc.. (You don't have to upload a cover photo as it's not used in this theme.

  2. In the 'User' tab fill in your admin information.

  3. To put links at the social icons in the footer, go to footer.hbs and find code like this for each social network:

    <a class="social_interstellar  icon-
    twitter-circled" target="_blank" href="#">
    <span class="hidethis_interstellar"></span></a>

and fill the href="#" with your link instead #.

Posting Note:

If you want posts with image, or embedded iframe, just put the image or copy the iframe at the very beginning of the post. And don't worry for wrapping the iframes to be responsive, that will happen automatically.


To personalize the twitter bar, go to assets/js/twitterFetcherv10min.js, find this line:

twitterFetcher.fetch('370217609347612673', '',  
3, true, false, true, dateFormatter, false,  

change 370217609347612673 to your own twitter id.


Twitter Fetcher






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